३ साउन २०८१, बिहिबार
३ साउन २०८१, बिहिबार

Characteristics Of Boyfriend And Girlfriend

1. Usually short term
The involved parties have this in the back of their minds that this is not a long term thing. Even if they break up, they will find someone else, and that will again be a short term thing. Because these relationships are characterized by short-term continuance, the partners involved are likely to keep secrets and not give in their hundred percent to each other, thinking about the what if the relationship got over or they broke up.

2. Non-disclosure of true selves
People try to show their good side to each other, assuming it to be a short-term thing, and that why they should show their true self to the other person. This causes lack of trust and eventually leads towards breakups. Secrets are also kept to the self, and full sharing is often seen to be missing from such relationships.

3. Tagging
At many times, where people are still immature and do not understand the true meaning of being in a relationship, they wrongly name their boys who are friends or girls who are friends as boyfriends and girlfriends. In such cases, it is merely tagging of each other while no actual boyfriend-girlfriend chemistry is being developed between the two.

4. “Using” your partner
At times it is seen that people get into relationships with wrong intent and motive. Getting sexual intercourse with the partner is one of them. At other times, it has been seen that people get involved with each other for materialistic benefits where they want to abuse the financial resources of a person for their benefit. Feelings do not play a major role in such relationships.

5. Casual dating
Casual dating also, these days, is sometimes named as being into a committed relationship with your admirer. Because people like each other and want to talk to each other, want to spend time with each other, they wrongly name their relationship to be one of a boyfriend and girlfriend. This loses the essence of casual dating and adds a number to your dating list.

6. Low emotional connect
The subconscious intent in the mind, which states that you are not emotionally connected to the partner, and even if they break up with you, you will definitely find someone else whom you can date, leads to low emotional connection between the partners. They usually are aware that they are in for temporary connections, and they are mentally ready to let them go also.

7. Mental blocks
When you know you are not meant to be together for long, and you have a fixed need from the relationship, you tend to create mental blocks and do not listen to what is being said in its true sense. Effective listening doesn’t happen in such cases, and both the partners know that they are not together for eternity. In the absence of undivided listening and sharing, a relationship can not flourish.

All these are a few roadblocks in the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship which have sadly become the guiding force for today’s teenagers. They seem to be using people like a pair of clothes which they can throw away once they are torn, or the teens are bored with them. This should not be the case with human beings and more so not with the person whom you claim to be in love with.

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